About Us

With over 600 partner organizations, the Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions. Within the Enterprise Europe Network, a country outside the EU can be represented by a consortium forming a Business Cooperation Centre. The European-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (ECCIR, formerly GCCIR), located in Edmonton, AB, the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West (EUCCCW), located in Vancouver, B.C., and the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN), located in Toronto, ON, have partnered to form such a Business Cooperation Centre. This Canadian entity is called the Enterprise Europe Network Canada (EEN Canada) and is coordinated by the ECCIR. The EEN Canada works closely with both Canadian and European colleagues to advance opportunities for SMEs by providing business and innovation support services that help to strengthen companies’ competitiveness and sustainability.

European-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research

The European-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (ECCIR formerly German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research, GCCIR) is a non-profit organization facilitating the development of European–Canadian innovation, research, and business relations. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, and located in Enterprise Square, the ECCIR offers a range of solution-driven services to corporates with international ambitions, including international strategy development, advising on key funding programs, matchmaking opportunities, and grant writing support. Their goal is to enhance international knowledge and technology transfer while raising the profiles of Canada and Europe as centres of excellence in innovation and research.

As the Network Coordinator for the EEN Canada, the ECCIR connects corporations with a comprehensive partnerships database, brokerage events, and company missions to help turn innovative ideas into international commercial successes.

EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West

The EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West (EUCCCW) is an independent, privately organized, non-profit, bilateral trade organization, established in 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The chamber acts as a service centre for providing information, business assistance, and soft landing services to Canadian SMEs looking to expand their operations in the EU and to European SMEs interested in doing business in Canada. EUCCCW works with governments and strategic public and private sector partners to organize CETA info sessions, trade & investment seminars, business forums and ad-hoc B2B meetings, missions to trade fairs and conventions, marketing and promotional campaigns, and generally acts as a catalyst between economic operators in Canada (with a focus on Western Canada) and in the EU.

EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada

Serving the EU network in Canada for 25 years, working in concert with 26 EU state-based Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations and supported by the European Union, the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN) is a key resource and main point of contact for EU businesses in Canada and for EU businesses seeking to enter the Canadian market. EUCCAN operates under 3 key pillars: firstly, EUCCAN advocates for EU companies at all levels of government, identifying challenges and opportunities of doing business in Canada, addressing common affairs, and voicing business interests and recommendations to the EU and Canadian governments. Secondly, EUCCAN informs EU and Canadian companies about CETA providing practical business guides, industry papers, and up-to-date information about EU/Canada business relations. Thirdly, EUCCAN represents its members’ interests locally and internationally.

Local Cooperation Partners