Connecting your business with international partners





Expert Advice

The primary and overarching objective of the Enterprise Europe Network Canada (EEN Canada) is to assist European and Canadian companies in internationalization, growth, and sustainable prosperity by facilitating opportunities to meet and collaborate with Canadian/European partners, and to better access mutual markets.

The EEN Canada acts as an information point, offering insight and connections to both European and Canadian companies, as well as the opportunity to share proposals and requests through the Partnership Opportunities Database. The EEN Canada offers informational resources around topics such as applied research, CETA, employee mobility, and so on. The EEN Canada also actively fosters participation in brokerage events to facilitate collaborations in business, technology development and transfer, and joint research.

Services include:

  • Identifying and promoting business, R&D and joint venture opportunities in Canada and EU.
  • Providing advisory services in accessing finance, loans and equity capital in all phases of SMEs’ lifecycle.
  • Assisting SMEs in finding business opportunities and partners in Canadian/European markets, understanding Canadian/EU legislation, and providing practical information on how to do business within Canada/Europe.
  • Increasing SMEs’ competitiveness by exchanging best practices and market intelligence among Enterprise Europe Network members.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and their businesses (especially women, youth and minorities).