EUCCAN joins the Enterprise Europe Network Canada

January 27, 2021

The Enterprise Europe Network Canada (EEN Canada) is proud to announce that the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN) has joined EEN Canada as an official consortium member.

Serving the EU network in Canada for 25 years, working in concert with 26 EU state-based Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations and supported by the European Union, EUCCAN is a key resource and main point of contact for EU businesses in Canada and for EU businesses seeking to enter the Canadian market. Based in Toronto and with a wide network of partners in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada, EUCCAN enables our network to now offer services also to businesses based in Eastern Canada interested in connecting with European businesses, and vice versa, via the Enterprise Europe Network.

“We are very happy to join this great network. Another milestone for our organization in assisting European SMEs to expand in Canada. We look forward to working with the other two consortium members and moreover we are ready to help SMEs make their way into the Canadian market, thanks mostly to CETA.” Delphine Adenot-Owusu, Executive Director EUCCAN

“We are so excited to welcome EUCCAN to the EEN Canada consortium! They will provide a crucial addition, allowing us to offer services not only to SMEs in Eastern Canada, but to European SMEs interested in doing business in Eastern Canada. EUCCAN brings a wealth of expertise and a valuable network to our consortium.” Katelyn Petersen, Executive Director GCCIR