Atlantic Canada: OTCNS joins as new EEN Canada Local Cooperation Partner

January 28, 2021

The Enterprise Europe Network Canada (EEN Canada) is proud to announce that the Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia (OTCNS) has joined EEN Canada as an official Local Cooperation Partner.

OTCNS is an industry association representing the ocean technology and industry sector in Nova Scotia, but also serves a wide network of members in other Canadian provinces.

Advancing economic opportunities for Nova Scotia’s ocean technology companies – ocean technology in this instance being defined as marine related technologies that cross a number of industry sectors like marine renewable energy, offshore oil and gas, and ocean observation technologies – OTCNS acts as a facilitator, linking members to each other and to government partners, identifying, promoting, and supporting the development of opportunities for their member companies.

For EEN Canada, OTCNS offers a unique insight into the economic landscape of Atlantic Canada and will play a major role in providing expertise to companies interested in finding partners in Canada’s Maritimes.

“OTCNS is excited to work with Enterprise Europe Network Canada (EEN Canada) and their 600 plus partner organisations in the European Union and other jurisdictions. We are looking forward to engaging with EEN (Canada), to grow increased international business collaboration between the European Union and Atlantic Canadian companies engaged in the Blue Economy, to the benefit of industry and our respective member companies.” Chris Bourque, Executive Director OTCNS

“We are thrilled to be working with OTCNS and to have the opportunity to incorporate their expertise in both ocean technologies and the SME ecosystem in Atlantic Canada. OTCNS will be crucial in comprehensively representing Canada within the Enterprise Europe Network.” Katelyn Petersen, Executive Director GCCIR