The European Commission (EU Commission) has renewed the Canada consortium of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) until 2025, confirming that the European-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (ECCIR) will remain the Canadian Network Coordinator.

Established in June 2020, the EEN Canada is an EEN International Network Partner: a consortium that represents the EEN in a country outside of the European Union. The primary objective of the EEN Canada is to assist European and Canadian companies in internationalization, growth, and sustainable prosperity. The EEN Canada offers insight, informational resources, and access to brokerage events to both European and Canadian companies, as well as the opportunity to share proposals and requests through the Partnership Opportunities Database.

The Canadian consortium of EEN is coordinated by ECCIR and comprises the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada, the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada WestNGen, and the Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia.

“The ECCIR team is very proud to have been confirmed again as Canadian coordinators for the EEN by the EU Commission,” says ECCIR’s President Britta Baron. “The Network offers very useful tools to connect with partners in Europe, identify opportunities for collaboration, and help with answers to the tricky questions that arise from building joint international ventures.”

Her Excellency Sabine Sparwasser, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Canada, notes that the renewal of the Canada consortium of the EEN demonstrates the importance of European-Canadian collaboration. “It is great news that the Canadian EEN consortium has been renewed until 2025,” says Ambassador Sparwasser. “Together the Network can help small and medium-sized companies between Canada and Europe to innovate, grow, and connect to our best research.”

Economic and political dynamics are rapidly changing, meaning that collaborative international partnerships are more important than ever. “Europe is increasingly relevant to Canada’s global outlook”, says Britta Baron. “The EEN offers great tools to effectively develop international partnerships for enhanced innovation and business development.”

The EEN Canada Consortium looks forward to continuing to support innovative and collaborative partnerships between Europe and Canada.